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Songs for the Fires of Creation

February 1, 2012

I. The Abyss

Your solid ground was seas in elder days,
where eddies carried creatures of a kind
that now are hidden in life’s diverse maze.
The whirling hearts of galaxies will wind
to naught, and banners sewn of suns are torn
asunder.  We are motes of dust that burn
in moonbeams; flailing at our stars, forlorn,
can only render dreams with no return.
So dance, and with your clockwise spin and mine
Oppose the slowing of the Earth’s rotation;
The linked momentum of hands four in time
Assures us of existence and salvation.
The music of the spheres is ours to play,
for stardust bodies are our homes today.

II. The Unfolding

Gleeful time scrawled stories in the rocks
which now fall open, split by ice and fire.
The panoply of traces there unlocks
the tales of living stones which now require
telling.  Songs of pulsing stars and seas,
the tumbled towers and the forests’ faces,
the whirring wheels and mountain stillness: These
are waypoints in Earth’s legacy of graces.
The cup of water poured, the swelling bread,
the sun’s green fruits laid out upon the table;
emergence, and the winding paths that led
us here – They, too, dwell in the fable.
The hammer and the hearth will now unfold
Creation’s poem: growing, burning, old.

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