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The Wide Embrace of Hurricane Sandy

November 2, 2012

The wind sang on the city’s chimneys. I sat at my open window, arms folded on the sill, and watched the ragged edge of Sandy’s cloudy cloak fly southward.  The northerly wind snaked into my apartment, bring with it the sounds of trembling trees and slamming doors. I imagined I could hear the roar of waves, far away. The pigeons which normally roost on the clifflike edifice across the street had gone to ground; that night, Sandy walked abroad.

I thought of my friends and family out on the East Coast — some crashing with friends on higher ground, some marathoning Star Trek until the power went out, some gleefully seizing the opportunity to build massive blanket forts in their living rooms.  None that I knew of were in a particularly threatened area, and all had made good preparations.  And so, because I knew those I loved were safe, I found a certain amount of comfort in the sight of those south-flying clouds and the feeling of the steady singing wind on my face.  Many hundreds of miles, hours of travel, dark forests, deep lakes, and great rivers lie between us, but on that night, we were reunited in the embrace of the storm.

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