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I like old stuff, cold places, wide open spaces, stories, language, life, earth, space, movement, music, beauty, community, and solitude.  I suppose this means I should spend my life telling people stories about ancient life in Antarctica through interpretive dance … which actually sounds like a pretty excellent existence.  I ramble with feet and I ramble with words.  I dance, I swordfight, I read lots of books, I play the accordion, and every now and then I wake up and stand in awe of what it means to be alive and conscious in this wide world of wonders.

I tend to write about whatever is on my mind at the moment: usually nature and food, but occasionally other things.  I write when I have time and when the mood strikes me, so posts might be twice a week – or every other week – or maybe once a month.  This blog is many things; consistent is not really one of them.  But I do strive to be interesting.

Everything is connected, if you look hard enough.

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